Responsible Gaming

Responsible and Fair Gambling

At WHL template, we take both our responsibilities and our customers extremely seriously. We are 100% committed to an efficient, secure, fair and socially responsible service. We want our customers to enjoy their internet betting experience with us safely. Happy customers are repeat customers and we are pleased to share the company of many loyal visitors who come back time and again to enjoy the thrills and spills of placing a sporting bet. Part of our success lies in our firm but fair approach to responsible and fair gambling. To this end have put into place a range of measures to ensure that everyone who enjoys our internet betting service does so in as safe a way as possible.

WHL template is dedicated to ensure that its customers enjoy gaming and take it asan entertaining and fun experience. We take responsible gaming very seriously and are available should you feel like gambling is becoming a problem.

If you feel you may have a problem with your gambling, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you ever happened to miss work or college for gambling?
  • Do you feel gambling is for you a way out of a boring or unhappy life?
  • If you happen to gamble all your money away, would you feel depressed? Would another gambling session be the only exit?
  • Have you ever happened to gamble all your money away, including your food money or the bus fare home?
  • Can you admit freely to the amount of money or time gone in gambling?
  • Have you ever been reproached for gambling too much?
  • If in need to get gambling money, would you steal, lie or sell precious assets?
  • Do you set aside money for gambling? Would you spend it in a different way?
  • Do your prefer gambling to your family, friends or other ways to have quality time?
  • Do you feel an urge to recover all your losses straight away when you happen to incur some?
  • Do you respond to arguments, frustrations or disappointments with desire to gamble more?
  • Is gambling driving you depressed or suicidal?

The more positive answers you get to the above questions, the more serious gambling problem you may have. If so, you may need to contact for help and advice special dedicated centres such as


All WHL template transactions are covered by our terms and conditions as well as Betting Rules and General Rules. Our rules are clear and transparent and we do everything in our power to enforcethem as effectively and equitably as possible. Amongst the range of rules applied at WHL template are that clients must be at least 18 years of age. User name and security confidentiality are the client's responsibility. Bets, once placed cannot be changed. For the full details go to Betting Rules.


If you dispute any of our decisions you will need to write us an email and state the reason for the dispute, if for any reason you are not satisfied with our resolution you can contact I.B.A.S for an independent resolution.

Who are IBAS?
The Independent Betting Adjudication Service are an authoritative, totally independent third party, offering adjudication for customers who have an unresolved betting dispute with their bookmaker.

WHL template is a registered I.B.A.S. bookmaker.

The I.B.A.S website and full contact details can be found at

The IBAS Commitment:

  • To guarantee impartiality and fairness to both parties.
  • To look at each case independently
  • To adjudicate each case on its merits, taking into account bookmakers' rules
  • To manage a comprehensive, up-to-date register of bookmakers who as members, have declared an intention to abide by I.B.A.S. rulings on betting disputes.
  • To maintain a panel of experts (unconnected with the bookmaking industry) possessing the necessary experience and understanding to provide authoritative arbitration.
  • To give the appropriate amount of care and attention to all disputes.
  • To ensure confidentiality regarding all communications at all times during the arbitration process.

How does IBAS work?

Disputes are referred to the service via a standard I.B.A.S. arbitration form on which full details of the dispute should be provided. I.B.A.S. does not under any circumstances rule on disputes in person or over the telephone.

What is the procedure for ruling on a disputed bet?

Only when the Service Manager is completely satisfied that all other methods of resolving a dispute have been exhausted, will our panel of experts be instructed to offer their adjudication.

  • Customer calls the I.B.A.S. number to request an arbitration form: +44 (0) 207 347 5883
  • Customer carefully completes the form with all relevant information / evidence.
  • On receipt of the form, the Service Manager will if he considers it appropriate, refer the dispute to the I.B.A.S. panel for adjudication.
  • On completion of the panel's adjudication, both parties will be informed in writing of the decision.

Is an IBAS ruling enforceable?

All bookmakers operating within I.B.A.S. are registered with the service and have declared an intention to abide by an I.B.A.S. ruling. Any bookmaker registered who fails to fulfill that commitment will be removed from the register.

IBAS Aims & Objectives

  • To strive for a better understanding between bookmakers and their customers.
  • To campaign for consistency, clarity and fairness in the rules by all the bookmakers.
  • To advise both bookmakers and customers of common types of invalid or unacceptable bets in an attempt to reduce the number of disputes.
  • To encourage registered bookmakers to display the I.B.A.S. symbol on their premises, or website, demonstrating their commitment to the customer.
  • To seek continual improvement to I.B.A.S. for the benefit of both customers and bookmakers.

Restricted Territories

We cannot open accounts, process a sporting bet or conduct financial transactions for individuals residing in USA, Israel, France, and Spain.

WHL template's Privacy Policy

We may use your personal information for processing bets, managing your account, administering services and researching information.

WHL template is the sole owner of this personal information; we do not share it. If you wish to amend the information or to receive a copy, please contact us.

Use of Cookies

We may use cookies for the above purposes. We do not monitor individual customer activities.

WHL template does not disclose information about individual customers.

Minor Protection and Self-Exclusion policy

WHL template requires customers to declare that they are of lawful age. We pursue reasonable measures to verify this including electronic age verification and random age checks. We do not target advertising at minors.

Please note that it is a criminal offense for under 18’s to bet in this web site.

Help you prevent minors from gambling

Use child protection software.

Do not leave the computer unattended when you are logged on.

Do not share your credit card or bank account details.

Do not leave the "Save Password" option enabled.

Create separate computer profiles for your children.

If you know a registered user below the lawful age in their jurisdiction, please contact us at

There are a number of third party applications that parents or guardians can use to monitor or restrict the use of their computer's access to the Internet:

1. Net Nanny filtering software protects children from inappropriate web content:

2. CYBERsitter filtering software allowing parents to add their own sites to block:

Self-exclusion or Opt-out

We realize that for few customers gambling might become a serious problem and for such customers we offer self-exclusion option for a period from six months up to five years as per customer's request. If you require to self-exclude, please contact us via your registered email address to, specifying the period you wish to be self-excluded for. Kindly note, that only upon clear 'self-exclusion' request will your account be suspended as per the agreed time. Otherwise all accounts are in status 'closed' and can be reopened any time upon customer's request.

WHL template holds responsibility to keep self-excluded only the accounts which are specifically mentioned in the customer`s request.

Know your limits and keep control

Establish safe gambling limits.

If you think you have a gambling problem contact the GamCare confidential helpline on 0845 6000 133 or visit or